Air Compressors

Air CompressorsRanging from 0.5hp to 20 hp with tank from 100 pond to 1000 pond including double and tripple cyclinder. We buy and sell both old and new Air compressors. We also deals in china air compressor for details email us.

        Electric Motors

We deal in Ac Motors, both in Single Phase and Three Phase ranging from 0.5 Hp to 20 Hp. We buy and sell old and new Electric Motor.


We Deal in all kind of Indian and China Car Washers. We do repair and buy the old Stock as well.


We also Deal in Single Phase and Three Phase Griders. For Any kind of Service or Repair Contact us.

Gee Pee Enterprises


GEE PEE Enterprises are in the bussiness since 1980’s. We believe in providing the quality products. Our Registered Trade Mark is RIKI (Regd. No. 1335938). We believe in building a long term relationship with our customers.


Air Compressors

We deal in all kind of Air Compressors of Single Cylinder,  Double Cylinder, Triple Cylinder Ranging from 0.5 Hp to 20 HP .  We Buy, Sale and Repair all kind of Air Compressor e.g . China Air Compressors, Heavy Duty Air Compressors . For buying or getting it repaired please fix the appointment on the below mentioned numbers


Electric Motors

 We deal in all kinds of Single Phase and Three Phase Electric Motors ranging from 0.25 hp to 20 HP. We Buy , Sell and Repair all kind of Electric Motors. For buying or getting it repaired please fix the appointment on the below mentioned numbers.

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Small China Air Compressor

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What Our Clients Say

We appreciate the Feedback given by our Customers. 

“My name is Ajay and I am the owner of Hosiery and I have been dealing with Gee Pee Enterprise from past 10 years and they are really great people to work with Thanks Gee Pee Enterprise. ”

Ajay Sharma
Owner of Gayatri Sharma


“My name is Jaspal  and I am the owner of Saddle works  and I have been dealing with Gee Pee Enterprise from past 1 year and they are true professionals. They know what they  are doing”

Jaspal Singh
Owner of GuruNanak Saddle Works

“My name is Sahil Verma and I got my compressor repaired. They are awesome group of people. I would recommend them to everyone. They are less expensive and they quality work. ”

Sahil Verma
Owner of Graphic 

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About our Journey

S. Jasbir Singh started the business in early 1980’s and he worked too hard to reach the point where he is today now his son Goginder Pal Singh joined the team and they are  working hard to take their business to next level. Our Brand RIKI  renowned worldwide. We are pleased to announce that ! 

Jasbir Singh


He started his journey in 1980 in with Electric motors  and some spare parts and in late 90’s he introduced Air Compressors by the name of RIKI in the market and since than RIKI is known by its name 

Goginder Pal Singh


He joined his father Jasbir Singh in 2013 and since than the business is growing . He is a good listener and always ready to listen to his customers and work on the feedback to make the products better.

Gurvansh Singh

Would be Founder

He just started his life and already became the star. He is good in studies and have a brilliant business mind. He is always ready to learn new things and ideas which is good trait of upcoming business man.


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